What working hard actually means?

What working hard actually means?

Let's deep down to this theme little bit. We claim that gym is the best way to built your discipline. When you work hard on yourself in the gym, you get up early and don't give up when it hurts, your mind is moving forward. And it's faster when you see some results on yourself. Your mind is more productive and your body is thankful. Don't need to mention that when you work out, in your brain is produced dopamine so you are much happier and you have more confidence during the day. Where we try to get with this? Let me show you an example: 

Meet Robert. Robert is exactly same as me, you and everybody on this planet. Everybody have 24 hours every day and it's up to us how we use them. Robert goes to work what hate. His boss scolds him all day, but he can't quit because he must to pay the bills. Robert waste his time on social media and after work he always sit in front of the TV with beer and watch some series. Next day all this starts again with little changes. Like all people on this planet, Robert has dreams too. He always wanted to be financially independent, ride on his dream car and live with women of his life. Do you want to know why Robert never chased his dreams and when he tried, he always failed and returned to his normal life? Because he had no discipline! Becoming successful isn't easy at all! When he worked hard and some obstacles were coming, he had no discipline to fought with these obstacles so he returned to his daily stereotype. 

We are here to help you succeed not only in the gym but in your life too. When you get up early, and you absolutely don't want to go to the gym, but you go, that's the moment when you build your discipline. When you have no more energy, but you do those 2 more repetitions, that's the moment when you build your discipline. When is raining outside, that is very bad excuse for skip the running. Excuses and your comfort zone sounds best, but they won't move you forward. When you strictly adhere the discipline in the gym, some obstacles in common life can't stop you. Think about that. Why the best cars stay in front of the gym always in the morning? Because successful people strictly adhere they discipline and they know, that gym moves them and their businesses forward. If you have discipline and you work hard, NOTHING and NOBODY can stop you chasing your goals! Robert thinks that be successful is almost impossible because it doesn't work for him and he convince his environs about that, but he is WRONG. He didn't go all in and he didn't try everything so he can't say that reach success is impossible. What about that millions of people that had enough discipline and they lasted until the end, never give up and succeed?

So discipline is important not only for reaching your best result in the gym but in everything you do. When you connect discipline with working hard, you become an unstoppable human being!

Through the achievement of your goals, you must be convinced in your mind that you can do it. You have to be so convinced that there will be no other option in your head than victory. And always remember that at the beginning there will be hard obstacles with your friends and family. There are 4 phases you will encounter at the beginning:

First phase: When you start working hard on something, all your siblings, relative, those who are in the same situation as you, will discourage you, they will be saying things like -  don't do that, it does not make a sense..

Second phase: They start doubting you with words like: ''You see, you moved and you still making same money''... or: ''You see, you changed your partner and you are still on the same point''...They start throwing it away.

Third phase: They start to wonder and make it easy for them. They will say: ''Well, now when you have moved, suddenly you have a great work, It's easy for you when you moved.'' They start making excuses on themselves, that they don't have this opportunity.

Fourth phase: Now comes the fourth and the best phase. They will start asking you questions, how did you do that? ''WOW, how is it possible that you have a job like that?'' ''WOW, how is it possible that you are making so much money?'' ''WOW, how is it possible you are so muscular?'' ''You are still on the vacations, how is it possible?'' This is the moment you have to get into. But you must get through all 3 phases before. Trust me, It's very hard and complicated, and it's waiting for you whenever you decide to change something in your life. But It's definitely worth it! 

To go through this four stages, you must work hard, have a discipline and winning mindset!

We are here to support you on your path to success! We will be helping you with building your discipline and strong mind for whole time, because we want you to get know that WIN IS THE ONLY OPTION!

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