Who are we?

HURACAN GYM is a brand dedicated to products that improves daily life in the fitness world and help get closer to not only workout goals but also the highest lifetime goals.

The brand is founded by two young ambitious people, who enjoy overcoming the most difficult obstacles and reaching their highest lifetime goals.

When you have a vision, you have to take action. But it’s not enough, because how many people really stay consistent in that action & don’t give up on their dreams after a few weeks/months? Only a few people reach their craziest and highest goals, but what is needed for a person to endure it? What if I have other responsibilities as well?, or I just only don’t have time for it? STOP! NO MORE EXCUSES! Do you know why all these successful people never give up? Because of DISCIPLINE! They built Discipline, which is the most important habit in reaching lifetime goals. When you bild Discipline and you will spend your time doing what you love every day and you won’t give up.. Then there is only one option: WIN! We all know that gym and building yourself, overcoming the pain threshold and moving forward is the best resource to build  your Discipline.

Embark on a difficult journey building a discipline and reaching your highest goals with us.

We live on a mission that there is only Winning in life!

Let’s become the best version of yourself!


Whether you like it or not, one Time Action is not enough, DISCIPLINE IS the key!