''Win is the only option'' is the mindset that you must have at achieving your lifetime goals. Your mind is powerful and it generates forces. You can only achieve your goals with winning mindset. With a winning mindset you feel more confident and see challenges as opportunities, success as a step towards more success and failures as growth opportunities to learning a developing skills. Winning mindset isn't something you are born with, you must to develop it to your life. It's something like work out in the gym. You must learn focus on your positive thoughts, be nice to others and laugh more. Then others will do same in your presence, and people will feel good with you. But you must realise that it isn't easy at all. Remember your first time in the gym, you have no idea what to do and if you exercise it correctly or not, but over time you learned it and now you hustling like a professional. With the winning mindset is it the same.

How to develop a winning mindset? 

Use your vision. Where you see yourself in five to ten years? Forget about everything now and imagine your dream future. If you want house for 10 million dollars just imagine that you just bought it and walk around the house with the happy feeling like you really bought it. Walk on your garden and touch your English grass, feel that touch, wind, happy feelings, everything like it is real. Your mind doesn't know the difference between the reality and your vision. It sounds crazy but it is scientifically proven. So this is one of the ways how you prepare your mind on your dreamed future and build a champion mindset. 

Affirmations. Most of people on this planet don't know the real power of affirmations. Every successful person claims that affirmations are very powerful on the path to success, that's why they continually apply them themselves. Put into your mind that you can overcome everything. Tell yourself every day that you already are the person you want to be in the future, no matter where you are right now. Create a words and quotes that you will be using every day for building your winning mindset. Create a bulletin board and write there your favourite quotes, affirmations and lifetime goals. It takes effort, but is one of the most powerful steps to built your champion mindset.

Education. Receiving new informations is very important for your self-growth. By education, (I don't mean the school education) but the real education like books, courses and videos from successful people who already did something similar what you going for right now. Read books about mindset and self-growth, watch courses about what you love to do. Remember, all the money you are investing into yourself aren't wasted money. 

Workout. Besides that exercising help relieve stress and improves physical health, it even forces you to be more productive. That is what raises the level of dopamine, due to you feel more confident and happy. Without confidence you'll never build your champion mindset! 

Surround yourself with the right people. Logically, when you surround yourself with negative people, your brain will automatically suggest their views and perspectives on life. Mostly with the people we meet, we become. Therefore, meet only positive mindset people or the people you want to become.

Differences between Champions and Losers

Winners aren't the ones who quit and try something else when things don't work. Because winners indeed trying to the end, till they succeed. Losers maybe try, but never win. Why? I tell you the differences. Winners learned something called ''having a high pain threshold''. It means never quitting when they fail, even hundred times. When they fail, they get up, take as much experiences as possible from the previous attempt, and try it again and again until their success. Losers fail and quit. They will be saying is impossible to do that. So, what separates winners from losers is only consistency & discipline!

Discipline decides

Discipline is basic premise a for achieving goals.

Discipline is a necessary condition for achieving the goal. Only disciplined and confident one can realistically achieving their goals. It is a clear and understandable rule. There is nothing harder in life that keep being disciplined all the time till the success. Discipline is namely unnatural for human behaviour. Human is by nature an undisciplined being. So many nice and exciting stimuli interfere with our discipline. It's not easy overcome comfort, set the goals and comply them witch consistency and discipline. If you learn it, you will hold the discipline. You become unstoppable and dangerous on your path to success.


How to learn discipline?

Get up early at the morning. This is one of the best ways to build your discipline. Everybody knows that feeling when your alarm clock is ringing early at the morning and you'd rather brake it and sleep further in your warm bed. But this is exactly what losers do. Winners turn off the alarm clock and get up. You must realise that you build your discipline when you do things you don't want to do. You must beat your mind and get up! I don't care if you are tired, go sleep earlier. If you can't fall asleep earlier, wake up anyways. Your body will be tired and next day you fall asleep early. If you still can't wake up, just put your alarm clock to the other side of the room, so when it will start ringing, you will have to stand up and turn it off.  

Workout. Moments, when you must overcome the pain and moments, when you don't want to go to the gym, are the best testers of your discipline. Every time you overcome some of these moments your self discipline rise. When raining or snowing can't stop you to go outside and run or when your exhaustion or pain in the leg can't stop you to go to the gym and you even go through that, these are the moments when your discipline rise. You are becoming unbreakable and unstoppable person. It's easy to find an excuse, everyone can do that, but you have ALWAYS a possibility to have excuses or stayed disciplined and get things done.

Hardening. Every day get cold shower or ice bath. You have to learn to control your mind and body in extreme conditions like these. After that when something happens in your life that used to make you stressed or anxious you will stay strong and it won't stress you anymore. You'll become so good at being in control, that nothing will faze you anymore, and you will feel unbreakable and unlimited.

Now get to work on your dreamed future and start building your winning mindset and discipline. Therefore you have only one life and the world is't waiting for anyone. The person you are thinking is you, will die soon. If life asks you again you truly go for something or not, remember that. Apart from lost time, there is nothing to lose. I can't tell you what will happen but one thing I know for sure. If you don't try, nothing will happen at all.

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